Residents outraged by anti-police community BBQ - WSB Atlanta

Atlanta police say they're aware of the fliers, but didn't have a comment.

Residents regarding Atlanta's Edgewood neighborhood are upset after looking at fliers for an anti-police barbeque.

The neighborhood organization in which Check This Out runs the venue in which in turn the barbeque can be to become held says they're locking the gates to make positive her explanation there's simply no party.

Community organizer Tom White says he likes the concept of the neighborhood barbeque, but doesn't agree with the anti-police tone of the flier.

Edgewood resident Samuel Watts says a few in the region don't possess a good relationship with police, but in the event the barbeque happens he plans being there.

According for the flier, most individuals are welcome for the event except police.

The flier seen posted round the neighborhood depicts an Atlanta Police Department squad vehicle unstoppable using hot dogs getting roasted on the fire.

The group whom manages the barbeque's proposed venue says any person who will there be when watch this video href="">her response a garden is closed is likely to be trespassing.

Channel 2's Richard Elliot says the neighborhood can be gentrifying where there have been past problems among a few residents as well as police.

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